MUSIC:God Of Miracles-Emily Emefa[Heavenly Gate Records


Ghanaian born South African singer Emily Emefa Normanyo Had kick off this year 2020 with the first single Hit Wave; GOD OF MIRACLES. Emily Emefa is one of the end time music ministers that God has raised to bring revival through spirit filled worship and high praise to His Kingdom. She started singing at the age of 16 but took her music career serious in 2005 when she discovered her calling into the music ministry and since then has been committed to it, by ministering in churches and musical shows and crusades. Emily is also the Pastor and founder of Behind the Smile Network(Reaching out to the Broken Woman) based in Johannesburg South Africa.


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14 thoughts on “MUSIC:God Of Miracles-Emily Emefa[Heavenly Gate Records

      1. Evangelist Alfred Mensah · Edit

        I just downloaded it and I Couldn’t stop listening, I played it over and over and over again. This is a very wonderful and spiritual song, especially for the broken hearted and the depressed. God really bless you

  1. Wow. This song makes me pray even when I don’t feel like. I could play it on repeat all day. It makes me worship and keeps my spirit active all day. God bless you Minister Emily and take you higher. I keep having the Sinach feel anytime I listen. Great work. Keep it. I wish to meet you oneday


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